My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-03-03 04:59:47 (UTC)

What a weekend..

Hey guys, its sunday night, (March 2, 2003) about 10:45..
im so freakin tried. my weekend was rather intresting..
umm.. yeah.

Well, friday i went out with my mom and my aunt that night,
and did alot of nothing.. i didnt wanna go out.. so i
stayed at home that night.. but i talked to Joe for like..
2 hours on the phone * I love my joe* and then i just came home and
went to bed. Woo

Well, saturday Jennifer called and we made plans for the day, so she
brought her stuff by, and we got ready and went to plano. Well, we
met up with J and Michael at KFC and hung out in the parking lot for
like, 20 minutes, and then went back to Js house. So at J's (after
me and J beat the crap out of each other for the hell of it) haha..
we decide to go pick up Nathan, one of their friends, and we all
*try* to go to a movie. *since only one of us had ID with our age,
and it was expired *nice one J* we had to try every way possible to
get in...* so, we get in.. and see like, 45 minutes of this movie.
So we leave and hang out in the parking lot. we get a hook up for
some beer and stuff, so we wait around for this people for like, 20
minutes. *by now its like.. 10:00* so we go to this park by his
house, and have this party.. just the 5 of us.. but then Michael and
Jennifer go to pick up Robert, (one of michaels friends..) *a HOTTIE
i might add..* so we all hang out there for about another hour, hour
and a half.. but the boys are gettin paranoid bc of the cops driving
by.. bc we have alot of crap on us. So we all decide to load up and
head over to Nathans house, because we cna stay there as long as we
want.. (or so we THINK) so.. we go trhought this labryth of streets..
litterly. and finally get to Nathans. Well, since it takes us
forever to carry all that crap in the house, by the time we get
there.. were there for like.. i dont know.. maybe 10 minutes,, and
his parents call and say their on the way home. We haul ass. So..
now that its almost 12:30, me and jennifer take Robert home, *well..
to his "drop off" spot* and we head home. We get home really late..
and we go to bed around 3.. yeah.. we left the house at 11:30, got
home at 1:00... next time were sleeping in the park damnit.

Well, we get up around 10:00.. and sit on our lazy asses for the
whole morning.. so we finally start gettin ready, and around 1:30 -
2:00.. we finally leave. We head over to Frisco and we dicide to go
to hooters, and then drive around and look for some houses (since
jennifer is moving) so we stop by and see her Aunt Sherry, torcher
her about her walls being "pea green" (she had just had her walls
painted, they stoped as we arrvied.. and she was worried the kakie
colour was gona be green.) we stayed there for an hour and a half,
and drove around for more houses. We left Frisco at like, 5:00. So,
naturally, heading back to plano, i call Scott (my bestestest
friend.) i see if he wants to hang out, naturally he does (bc he just
LOVES me.. haha) and we go and pick him up, but since jen has to be
home b4 7 bc her mom needs the car, we have to leave then to take me
back home to Allen. So, we head that way. Scott is throwing
everything he can find in the front to distract jen, not to mention
he has a lazer pointer (who ever he got that from.. what were you
thinking.. comon.. hes SCOTT.. jesus) and he was tring to distract
her. Well, then me and scott.. turn into me and scott.. and i move
to the backseat... lol (if u know me and scott.. hah..) yeah.. so
hes torchering the hell out of me.. and then they finally drop me off
at home.. as where i am now.. Its 10:00.. and im going to bed.

Wow.. what a crazy weekend.. i left out alot.. but just believe me..
it will be a while b4 i do that much shit in one weekend.. *sickly

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