Depths of an Adolescent's Mind
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2003-03-03 04:20:04 (UTC)

Lunar influence?

I just thought I'd post this poem here. It's nothing
special...it took me a couple of days to write it, and I
only worked on it during boring class periods (mainly
English). It's called "Lunar Influence." I got the title
from the English writing standards book; I read that people
used to think that the moon had influence on people and made
them crazy (hence the prefix luna). That title just seemed
right. It's dedicated to...well, figure it out. Please don't
laugh...it's cheesy, but it's incredibly heartfelt, okay?
Well, here it is.

Relapse into the past and count our mistakes,
Then hand them to me and I will toss them away.
The sharp edges of heartache will soon become round
As our smiles eliminate all sound.
Parallelism will be no more
And we'll never know what will be in store.
Take my hand and my heart, I'll take you away
To my secret nowhere bay.

Plunge into the darkness for it never lasts,
Because I'll even shower light on the shadow you cast.
We'll forever sing the songs we compose
And we'll dance behind the doors that were closed.
The stars will grow jealous of how we shine,
And each step we take will be sublime.
Hold my hand and my heart, I'll whisk you away
To my secret nowhere bay.

We would live our lives immune to all rhythm
And seek out all the secrets hidden within,
But my wandering ears have made me aware
Of a secret nowhere bay that you share
With a girl who'll do more that I ever can;
She'll take you across air, sea, and land.
You'll breathe in her name and breathe out serenity
And together you two will watch your spirits run free.
But remember that I'll be waiting, dancing all alone
In my secret nowhere bay I call home.

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