sTePh'S wOrLd
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2003-03-03 03:57:54 (UTC)

We be clubbin'

Yeah, I went out on Friday night. Andrea and I went to Empire Club, and it was Mardi Gras night, so we got beads and shit. I had soo much fun. I was so drunk, damn. I didn't get sick or have a hangover, so that was cool. My legs hurt today though, they're real sore. Then on Saturday we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade, it was too cold. I just like hearing the bagpipers, they make me feel very Irish. I don't think I'll go next year though. I worked a couple hours on Friday too. I might have to work tomorrow, he'll call me. I kinda don't want to b/c I'm sore and feel like I got my ass beat or some shit. Anywho, I need the money. Well, come to find out, the restaraunt is still gonna pay my Dad for his time off, so that's great!!! I wish we could've known earlier, it would've saved us some worrying, ya' know. So for lent, I'm gonna give up sweets and fatty foods. I probably won't totally give up sweets, but mostly. Hopefully I'll lose some weight too. I'm also gonna try to be more kind to others. I'm a very kind, caring, courteous person, but I can probably be more nice. Nick's calling me back soon, so I'm gonna get off of here.
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