My Life As...
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2003-03-03 03:35:13 (UTC)

A Good Girl...

heyyyyyyy well its sunday night, so i guess im gonna tell u
about my weekend. on friday night, molly and hanna came
over to my house for a change! and we chilled n stuff, and
went downtown..met this cute boy, James, who drives a
pedicab thingy, so we went around to his house, which i
believe was on king street, and him molly and hanna smoked
a dime..he was cute, and molly wanted to bang him. lol, it
was crazy but he drove us back to where we wanted to go. so
we went to this homemade candy shop, and some crazy black
dude starts dancing around to the elevator music playing in
the shop!! haha!! he was seriously dancing...hes come up to
me and hanna before..like when me and hanna were supposed
to meet sam downtown and watch him skate n stuff, the crazy
dude came up to us and told us like a 10 minute story, and
he had nasty rice stuck to his hands n stuff, hes prolly
like 60 years old, and he runs up to us grabs our hands and
is like " my wife just died of cancer, and i love jesus,
and you look like christian girls, so give me a penny for a
loaf of bread" but its like 10 minutes long, and he tells
us the same damn story every time we see him. its scary.
okay so anyways, we go home, and RJ and matthew and damion
call us and there like "well we wanna come see u guys" and
so were like okay, (they have to drive 2 hours from
Mcclellanville) to see us so we go on a "walk" to the front
of our neighborhood to see them. and they dont show up for
like 1 hour and thirty minutes..so we walk back home, and
by that time we smoked a blunt and a couple joints so were
fucked up, its like 2 in the morning! ah ahhh!! my parents
are racist so they won't let the boys come in. so like 2
hours later they come back, and Rj sneaks thru my
window..and hes like molly get out so i can rape cassie and
i really dont feel like doing anything so he just kisses me
and i kick him out. Good Girl. then he comes back (w/o
permission like 30 minutes later) and tries to sneak in the
window. but it wont open. so he didn't. and me molly and
hanna eat like 50 hot dogs and ramon noodles, and hanna
burns her hand. and molly realizes she doesn't like the
hotdogs til shes eaten like 20. hahha. i love them there
great. but now RJ thinks' im psycho. but o well. bored of
typing. so. adios. xoxo cassie (school tommorrow, fuck.)