wisa shadow

wisa shadow
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2003-03-03 02:56:37 (UTC)

what i learned today...

went to a lecture at cahokia mounds today.
(www.cahokiamounds.com) March 2 Winter Lecture
Series: "Riding the Great Serpent: Osage Connections to
Cahokia," by James Duncan. 2 p.m. Free.
learned a little about the osage, which i know very little
about. learned a little about the osage creation stories,
and i learned that the last person to speak the osage
language as their first language died last year, which
saddens me.

i also learned about how scientists are learing animal's
lanuages from my brother:

him (7:31:30 PM): ::loves science shows that suddenly tell
me all these new things that i never knew they had done::
him (7:32:00 PM): like the fact that scientists are not
just studying animal language.. but are deciphering it o.O
wisa kitty (7:32:15 PM): whoh! like what animals?
him (7:32:41 PM): dolphins, chickens, monkeys... anything
him (7:32:53 PM): chickens though... CHICKENS o.O
wisa kitty (7:32:56 PM): yikes!
him (7:34:48 PM): they not only figured out
dolphin "words", but they rearrange them to make another
dolphin language and taught it to them o.O
wisa kitty (7:35:15 PM): uh.... O.O
him (7:35:41 PM): "this new sound means 'red ball'"
him (7:35:51 PM): and they learn it
him (7:36:14 PM): and dolphins say what they are doing!
wisa kitty (7:36:24 PM): ack! ::hides::
him (7:36:29 PM): if theyre playing with a ball, they say
ball, if they are getting petted they say "rub"
wisa kitty (7:36:48 PM): awwwww too cute!
him (7:36:52 PM): hehehe
him (7:37:13 PM): :O
him (7:37:17 PM): and dolphins don't repeat words
him (7:37:22 PM): they learn them themselved
wisa kitty (7:37:30 PM): huh?
him (7:37:31 PM): they learn the end of the word first and
say it
him (7:37:39 PM): and eventually learn the first part and
put it together
him (7:38:12 PM): they say human babies do that too
wisa kitty (7:38:18 PM): freaky...
him (7:38:21 PM): we larn to say the end of words at first
wisa kitty (7:38:52 PM): weird....
him (7:40:37 PM): "chickens have a rich social life and
recognize each other by facial features, and they each have
a distincitve voice"
him (7:40:40 PM): o.O
wisa kitty (7:40:54 PM): O.o
him (7:41:37 PM): they found the chicken word for food hahah
wisa kitty (7:41:54 PM): lmao
him (7:42:05 PM): they play a tape of it (the rooster tells
the chickens theres food, after they test it for themselves
him (7:42:24 PM): and the chickn starts pecking even if
theres no food there o.O
wisa kitty (7:42:54 PM): lol, they may have a language, but
that doesn't men they're not stupid.... lol
him (7:42:59 PM): OH
him (7:43:00 PM): MY GOD
him (7:43:40 PM): HAHAHHAHHAHA
him (7:43:40 PM): they figutred out words so much that they
him (7:43:46 PM): they figured out a call that
means "theres a chicken hawk in the sky!:
him (7:43:51 PM): and the SPEED of the call was how close
it was!
wisa kitty (7:44:02 PM): lol!
him (7:44:07 PM): so when they played the call slow
him (7:44:12 PM): the chickens dont freak
him (7:44:22 PM): but when they play it fast the chickens
go nuts
him (7:44:27 PM): AND
him (7:44:29 PM): lmfao
him (7:44:35 PM): they figured out other words..
him (7:44:46 PM): and they made a call saying "theres a
racoon in the sky!"
him (7:45:03 PM): lmao and the chickens ignored it until
they played it fast! lmao
wisa kitty (7:45:09 PM): lmao!
wisa kitty (7:45:58 PM): it's like human language, someone
screams realy loud and franticly, we're gonna freak first,
and ask why there's a racoon in the sky later.... lmao
him (7:49:15 PM): lol this guy is pissing off a robin by
playing messages 'hey you, robin, im on your land!"
him (7:49:18 PM): and repeating it
him (7:49:33 PM): and he finds out it depends on WHEN it
says things thats important
wisa kitty (7:49:57 PM): lol
wisa kitty (7:50:05 PM): yikes
him (7:50:20 PM): its like "im in your territory!" "go
away!" ::pause:: "im in your territory!"
him (7:59:44 PM): whoa... monkeys trust a low ranking
memeber of the group yelling "danger!" more than a high
ranking memeber... weird

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