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2003-03-03 02:52:07 (UTC)

10 Freaking Hours

Yup. That's how long I've been at work today. I opened,
and was supposed to be out by about 7ish. Well, I went and
opened my big mouth and ended up being closing manager,
something I've never done before. Didn't get out of there
until 9. Yeah. It sucked big time. Not gonna do that
again. But Joey waited with me, and that was good. At
least I wasn't alone.

Now I'm home and decided to do some laundry. Just had
Matzoh Ball soup. I love that stuff. Yum! Hm...whatelse.

I've finally managed to get over Andrew. His girlfriend is
moving here and I really don't care. And I'm glad. I have
no chance in hell and know it. So there ya go. Life goes
on, yes?

I need to go shopping. Erin says that I'm not allowed to
go to CA with the underwear I own. She told me that she's
insulted that I come to her house in the underwear that I
have. She doesn't even see me in it and she's upset with
me! *grinning* So I'm gonna do that this week. And it is
true that if you're wearing good underwear you feel better
about yourself.

I got a raise at work. A damn quarter. It's actually
really insulting. I mean, it would have been better if
they had told me that they were sorry but couldn't give me
a raise right now but there was good compensation coming.
Yeah, I'll hold my breath.

It's odd how friends work. How you can talk to certain
people about certain things but not about other things.
Just some things are not recieved well by others. This is
why you should have an array of friends. Yes.

12 days and counting.