Cosmic Rain
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2003-03-03 01:52:40 (UTC)

The wind will carry us

It's a curious little song. That being I have never known
what the hell it's been about. Mainly that being because
it's in french..And my last french experience on the ol
lingo was in Year 8 or 9..I don't usually make a habit of
keeping songs I can't understand, but for some reason this
one stayed. It feels like a journey. And some of it reminds
me of the saying "We've only just begun." Kinda reminds me
of driving through crisp green countryside and quaint
little towns on a road trip holiday with someone else. And
both just having this amazing journey. That's what this
song does for me anyway. There's just some songs that feel
like car holiday journey songs or even life journey songs.
And because I didn't know the lyrics to this one it made
that more realistic, because it could be whatever I wanted
it to be and feel it as I wanted. So last night I thought
bugger this I'm going to find out the lyrics to this song I
have never known, just listened. So I typed in the song
name in Google and got the translation.

Black Desire (noir desir)
The Wind Will carry Us (le vent nous pontera)

I am not afraid of the road
Would be necessary to see, is necessary that one tastes
Meanders with the small of the back
And all will go well there
The wind will carry us

Your message in Large Ourse
And the trajectory of the race
Instantaneous of velvet
Even if it is not used for nothing goes
The wind will carry it
All will disappear but
The wind will carry us

The caress and the grapeshot
And this wound which pulls about us
The palate of the other days
Of yesterday and tomorrow
The wind will carry them

Génetique in bandouillère
Chromosomes in the atmosphere
Taxis for the galaxies
And do my flying carpet say?
The wind will carry it
All will disappear but
The wind will carry us

This perfume of our dead years
What can strike with your door
Infinity of destinies
One poses of them one and what does one retain some?
The wind will carry it

While the tide goes up
And that each one remakes its accounts
I take along to the hollow of my shade
Dust of you
The wind will carry them
All will disappear but
The wind will carry us

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