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2003-03-03 01:24:45 (UTC)


dude, i havent had this journal very long, and i've already
run out of interesting titles...i'm gonna hafta work on

so. sunday nights. dontcha love 'em?

no, me neither.

but, i've had a semi-exciting weekend, i suppose. our
beloved ryan came home friday after school, so of course
we've seen him every waking moment, but its ok for now. so
yesterday my mom finally took me to get my glasses fixed,
they were so loose that the lens had popped out. she
promised me last june that she would get me contacts, but
has that happened yet? nooo...so im holding out for soon,
since softball is starting. and then while we were there at
the mall, she bought me some shoes. shoes are always good.
can never have too many shoes. and then she took me to the
library, which is always cool, cause then i can read when i
should be doing homework! yay! and then ryan came over for
dinner, big surprise, and after dinner i watched the mummy
for like the 8 millionth time, but thats ok cause brendan
frasier is cool.

so then today...church, as usual. but then we went out to
brunch, which really isn't all that usual. so we went to
bob evans. and dad complains every time, because we have to
wait forever. its really just cause we have 5 people so
thats hard to seat, and then we're non-smoking, too, but my
dad thinks they just know when its us and make us wait even
if they have tables available. so he told me and lauren
that its our job to find a new place to go. so anybody know
of any good breakfast-ish places to go?

soo then what. umm. oh yeah. lauren and mom and i went to
the mall again. shopping. how fun. she bought me pants and
shorts and shirts for softball. well, just one of each. but
still, we did a lot of spending this weekend, im kinda like
okkk mom stop spending money on me, i thought we didnt have
any! but whatever, its not really any of my business. and
so then my daddy took me out driving again, for about half
an hour. i drove on midlothian this time! scary stuff.
well, at least to me.

and then after that me and daddy and mommy and elizabeth
went to the car place to look at cars again. so we
basically picked one out and dad says we're gonna go buy it
some night this week. i'm betting on tomorrow night, its
really the only night we're free. im excited. and then on
friday night, we went to home depot, and bought new storm
doors for the front and the back, and new door doors for
the front and back too. and yet again, im like, ok, car,
doors, clothes, shoes, restaurants...were is all this money
coming from? but hey, why am i complaining.

well...gotta go type something up for my daddy. and i have
a nasty math quiz tomorrow. and it would probably be a good
idea to finish huck finn, since we have that discussion