My Everyday Thoughts
2003-03-03 01:23:27 (UTC)

Wow, ditched again

March 2, 2003

Phil's friends from high school that had come home from
break had stopped by his work the night we were supposed
to go out, and thats why our plans had gotten side
tracked. I understand why he did it. He has not seen them
in forever and I will always be just down the road but it
still hurts that I will always be someone who is pushed to
the side. I won't get picked over but rather put on the
back burner. I will forgive him yet again for hurting me,
though I'm sure he sees it as no big deal. I expect Phil
to ditch me, sad I know. Jessica today, my so called best
friend of my entire lifetime almost, yet again chose my
friends over me. I had asked her to go out after church
but other people were going somewhere else and she chose
them. I expect it from Phil and from other people but not
her. What am I doing wrong?