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2003-03-03 01:19:38 (UTC)

yesterday was a bad bad day

yesterday i went to chrissys house like usual but of course
my mom called and yelled at me to get mt but home
so......she yelled at me for a after that
i just kept a low profile till she went out then i went on
line looking for sean only to find his friend
hiram.............boy did i wish i didnt meet him......well
its not that i didnt wanna meet him but i wish we hadent
talked about what he told me...i dont know why but he was
trying to convince me to dump sean and he was saying how
he was cheating on me....and i didnt really believe him
cause i love and trust sean but it did make me sad to think
about it......and besides the fact i was already sad from
my mom so i started to cry then when sean finally got on i
like blew up and today is our 6 month anniversary.....well
he didnt remember and i didnt really care but cause of what
hiram said and he didnt remember it kinda made me think
maby he is doing i got scared and started
to cry more and didnt knwo what to do so i ran to
bridget..and bridget started to yell at him which i didnt
want her to do but it kinda helped but then she started to
confuse him and carack a joke on him here and there which i
was sleeping for i cried my self to sleep in bridgets
room......i dont knwo what i would do with out her she is
always there for me when i need her and she only lives like
1 or maby 2 blocks away (running distance)...i love her
like a sister.....and sean always remember i love u!!!!!!!
(and ur a perfect boy friend)!!!!!!! i must be going bye bye