Randi Lynn

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2003-03-03 01:16:53 (UTC)

I took another nice, long bath...

I took another nice, long bath. think time i added one of
those bath balls that make your skin silky and nicely
scented. My mom succeded in pissing me off again. Its not my
fautl shes computer illiterate, so when i tell her "write"
she slams her finger on the right mouse button. I said "No
mom, click write" and and she doesnt it again, three times,
hard so she knows i can hear it "You dont have to slam the
mouse buttons! Right there! see! WRITE" "The more you
irratate me the longer i stay on" "Then i wont help"
*shiver* I dont know why i always feel like killing
that..... - 8:21 PM

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