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2003-03-03 00:59:29 (UTC)


aaaahhhh today was a good day. Saw me boyfriend...and
that's always a yayness. Although at one point he was
upset, let's not get into that...anyway... He got over it
and then we were both happy again. But we're never going
back to the mall for a date.

Friday night I spent the night at my friends' house. It's
nice being friends with sisters. Even though they own 2
cats, and I'm allergic to cats, and I have asthma. I
actually forgot my inhaler...weeeeee! 1:30 we TRIED to go
to bed, but I got a really bad asthma attack. It FINALLY
ended at 4 when mom dropped off my inhaler...she wasn't too
happy about that X-D (it's a FACE! X-D). Yeah....anyaway...

ME SO HAPPY! Just because of my grades, no big deal. I'm
actually passing science..with a B!!! wowzers. yeah.

Me go bye bye now. Bye bye.