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2003-03-02 23:05:33 (UTC)

How to lose a guy

Friday was awesome... Crystal, Heidi and I were going to go
clubbing, but instead we drcided to go see a movie... we
went to see How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days... we basically
said "awwwww" throughout the entire movie and talked to
eachother about how cute it was... it wasn't until the end
when we realized just how depressed the movie made us...
Anyway.. we went outside and stood by our cars talking for
a little bit... which was a bad idea because a minute
didn't go by before boys were asking us to get in their
cars... I swear.. men must get enjoyment out of being
turned down... I mean...if you want anything to do with us
in the first place.. at least make an effort to get out of
your car... ANYWAY... after the movie... Heidi was really
depressed.. so she suggested we go to friendly's and get
ice cream.. she drove her own car there so me and Crystal
followed her...we listened to Aimee Mann and Coldplay on
the way there... and 30 seconds didn't go by before we both
started balling.. Oh well, that'll teach me for picking a
chick flick... anyway.. we got to friendly's.. and we sat
there for a half hour before we ordered anything.. the
waiter must've come over to our table at least 6 times
before we were ready to order. After Friendly's "H" went
home and Crystal slept over my house.. we fell asleep
immidiately after we got home... The next day we went to
the video store so she could rent a movie for me on her
account... (I have a $57 late charge on mine).. I spent all
day working on my project while Crystal watched Angelina
movies in my bed... eventually I gave up and we both
watched Girl, Interrupted and Tomb Raider... which was much
better than doing a project.. anyway.. that was my weekend..

Title:How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days