Sweet Nitemares
2003-03-02 21:46:54 (UTC)

Fat bottomed girls we make the rockin' world go round.... :-)

Hmmm, don't you think everyone has a quality of beauty?
Whether it be seen by the eye or by the heart or even by
the touch...
I believe it is true there is something on the inside that
shows whether or not you are truly beautiful and it comes
out when someone who truly loves you looks at you.
No...I'm not in love, and I don't think anyone is with me
so posting this isn't for anything to recent in my life. I
was just thinking somebody loves ya...for you. I just hope
to find that person some day.

Now on to something totally different...
Speech contests were yesterday and i did surprisingly
Atleast for one catagory, Public Adress... I hadn't had all
the speech memorized so I did what I could and I did well.
It was odd cause I didn't expect a 1 on it...I paused... I
call it the to long to be called dramatic and to short to
be uncomfortable pause, but the judge still gave me a one
I was so happy to see the rating and then on my acting
piece i did wonderfully.
My public adress is on suicide and my acting piece is on
rape...both very contraversol atleast around here. I hope
to go to all state with both if not atleast one of them.
well I am going to go now