My Little World
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2003-03-02 21:36:15 (UTC)


Hi....its been a while since i've written in here.... Great
things have happened! Well, not really but that's ok..
Allen, Katie, Danny, Hanna Joe and Sue just left grams and
i already miss Allen! Is that suppose to happen? Maybe it
has something to do with me agreeing to something in one of
his letters he wrote to me.....When he reads this i know he
will understand....If not Allen, this is what it said,
(please dont get mad at me for putting this on here) it
said that and i quote " i think you are the best girl
anyone could ask for!! And i hope someday that we will be
together forever." You know what allen? we will... i
know we will, I dont know how, but i am going to spend the
rest of my life with you. I miss you sooo much! I cant
wait to talk to you or to see u! Love Me Lots and Miss you
sooooooooooo much:(

Mood: Sad that he left, but peaceful knowing the outcome
Music: None