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2003-03-02 21:04:11 (UTC)


last nigh was dan cox birthday party and it was crazy not
very many people showed up and it was kinnda boaring so me
and brad went and sat down on a bed and just kinnda hangin
out then we layed down ans cuddled and one thing led to
the next and i suposse we where "making out" (im doing the
finger thing you just cant see) but there was no tongue
action b/c earlyer in the night i told him whever is in
your mouth should stay in there but i dont think either of
us knew what we where doing so it was kinnda funny but i
didnt lagh b/c i didnt want him to feel bad OH and im
having issues with lynn i dont think she knows though you
see she and brad like to hang out by them selves and just
do things where its just the two of them and even when im
there or other people are there they will kinda hang on
each other and im not the only one who has notices katie
and britni have mentioned something about it too oh and
last night brad and i wheer sitting on the couch and lynn
comes over and sits next to me and i dont remember exactly
what happend but he said something to her then held her
hand like we do and i was just so offened i was just like
oh my gosh i cant believe you just did that but i didnt
actually say that but i probably should have i just kinnda
sat up and moved away from him and he was like whats wrong
and i said nothing and i think ha said something likei
didnt mean it and i go sure and he was like what and i go
nothing so latter he was eating a peice of pizza and amy
took a bite when it was in his mouth and he was like i
looked up and there was an amy on my pizza and i go at
least it wasnt a lynn he didnt know what i was talking
about so he just didnt say any thing then ifially said im
haveing issues with her right now and he was like why and i
didnt explain i juat said because but anyway he had to be
home by 11:30 so we left dans house about 11:00 and walking
out to the car he just kinda stoped me before we got in the
car and we "made out" (fingers) agian it was nice i like
it but as i said we dont really know what we are doing but
thats ok in my mind just as long as i like it and he likes
it its ok with me so we got to my house and before i got
out guess what happened thats right we "made out " once
agian it was good it doesnt last long not like some people
where they could go a day just makin out no no our is like
10 seconds but it doesnt cout as a kiss b/c its not it more
so i thik of it as"making out" i supose

well that had to be the best night yet but i have to go now
and do something so ill keep ya up to date