my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-02 19:39:21 (UTC)

humm lets see

os yeah i started talking to noel. he is this kid from
cali and he takes fucking awsome pics.but i havent really
got to taalk to him. i tryed today but he had to leave his
ska band is playing a show in hollywood today. how fucking
bad ass is that? ok so yeah me and maria started tannin g is great i love tanning. and my mom is beinf
a douche bag about bring ing me places and what ever i
dont want to drive untill the summer but she if forcing it
on me so i dont know what i am gonna do. so yeah me and
maria hung out again last night and i went over there
after me and my mom went out to eat. we went to the place
that i am gonna be working and take to sue.i love her she
is so kewl. and holly and vanessa work there to so that
will be kewl. and then when i got to mairas she was out
with courtney and me and bean watched tv. and then me and
maria watched a movie and played with maryjane and then
went to bed. we took caffine pills and i was going crazy i
couldent sit still. and i got home from tannin g around
like 12 i think. but yeah i think i am gonna go get some
food b/c i am mad hugery. later
listing to:riddlin kids...crazy

my head is punding and my mom is eatting meat again. going
compleatly beyonnd her belifes. ughh it pisses me off so much. she
hasent eatten meat scence the 70's. and it is all b/c of ass hole.
he is like the meat king. fucking dick head. so yeah rita my
phsycologist sugested that me my mom and mark go to family
ocunsling. fuck that i do nnot want to do that. andi will fight so i
dont have to. fuck that shit i could care less if i got along with
him. but yeah i have nothing else to say i and getting my medicin
this week i can not fucking wate. ughh these moods suck ass.
watching:gilmore girls beginins
p.s.- i pierced my ears the other day and i think that they are
healing cuz they are itchy. wohooo