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2003-03-02 19:33:43 (UTC)

lost weekend.

[music - one line drawing - mood - aargh...depressed]

had a really amazing weekend, in ways. the crew went down
to devon for lucy's birthday; stayed in this incredible
house, right on the sea. we had a sun deck and everything.
was a lot of alcohol, a lot of looking through 2nd hand
bookshops, a lot of eating junk food, a lot of good
conversations.... and trips to the beach and a castle.
that sounds pretty fun. it was.

also, nudge and i met a crazy man. in this junk store, in a
ruined old church, it was amazing - but we now think it was
a kind of halfway house because all the people that worked
there were mad. on saturday night we were in there at about
9, but nudge had left and gone downstairs. i went up to the
man to buy this perry como record.

man: oh, have all your friends left? i wanted to show
something to you guys.
me: well... some of them left, one of them is out on the
stairs though.
man: thats a shame. ok, i can show you, anyway. it's this
really amazing thing. this will give you sexual power over
any man.
me (realising hes a little mad): oh, no, thats fine, ill
just take the record.
man: no, let me show you. its not dodgy. its something i've
me: no, really its ok.

he gave me the change, and i went out and told nudge. we
were both intrigued now. so we went back into the church,
about 1 minute after i'd left. the man is now sitting there
with a huge, messy black wig and no shirt on. and it's COLD
in that church. he said "oh, hi" like he had never seen us
before, we left quickly.
hmmmmm. so that was one encounter of the weekend that made
me laugh.

seriously, though, i had a really fun 2 days, and
especially being with lucy nudge - we split into 2
separate cars, i went with them - who mean a lot to me. as
do the others of course, but i realised that i don't have
so much in common with them, and its hard to think that
maybe you're not meant to be friends with some of the
people you are friends with. chloe is just such an amazing
person and i love her so much. my friend of 7 years with
whom i've shared some crazy things. but all the same, it is
getting to be time to move on.

on the beach, lucy and i went for a walk down to these
rocks. we had only been on the beach for about 10 minutes
before this. we scrambled over the rocks and climbed on
them and talked and ran along the beach laughing at how
hard it is to run on shingles. meanwhile the others wanted
to go sit in the car "because its cold and we can listen to
music in the car"

i feel like this is some sort of metaphor for our whole
friendship lol. anyway, enough of that. i'm just
discontent, frustrated, fed up, and its nothing to do with
any of those guys. i'm home now with my new books and my
new records and i was going to chill with dad but his new
girlfriend is over. i'm hiding in the other room now, i'm
pretty shy with my dad's friends or in fact anyone :)
(thanks anna for sorting my life out this week...)

*quotes of the weekend*

vic - i might be drunk, but i still know that i'm
embarassing myself.
chlo - we better leave now, then. would you believe its a
toby jug?
nudge - i just have to go call...
alana - my mocks... my mocks.
me - i think that's a second hand bookstore... oh my, it's
a hot plate!

*i don't get many things right the first time.*

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