Down Azz Queen
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2003-03-02 17:48:24 (UTC)

Its been a while

Its been a while sorry but i've been busy!
well Last night i went to the fair and i was supposed to
meet chris! They say its not all about looks but there has
to be some kinda attraction i use to say no as long as they
treat u right thats all that matters! well i guess that was
cuz i was neva in that kinda situation i guess because last
night there was no attraction! Damn i am sorry God forgive
me Chris he is very nice and Madd sweet but totally not mah
style! I just couldnt no! I dont know...But i had fun last
night! I seen Martin! gosh I wish I could be with him! He
has a girl up in westpalm! I dont know but they hardly even
talk and barely see each other what kinda relationship is
that! i wish me and him could of chilled but he was working
and so then he had to go home..But i will see him tomorrow
and hopefully something will happen! lol yeah right!
I guess mah sis and Gary is ova 4 sure..I dont know i
loved Gary like he was mah brother ..but i am really beging
to see his tru colors he lied to me the otha day to get
shit out of me about mah sister! and i was actually gonna
believe him I mean he was so serious about it! He can be an
actor but i see what mah sister say about him lyien! but
whateva i have mah own problems not saying that I dont
care about mah sisters but she dont even know what to do i
think that she should drop him being that i know some shit
that i rather not say cuz i'm not the type to put peoples
buissness out!