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2003-03-02 16:51:29 (UTC)

A lil about me

There isnt that much to tell about me. But here I go any
ways. Well I am a freshman at my highschool, and CURRENTLY
in the wonderful *cough cough* IB program. My best friend's
name is Tiffani. But lately we havent been talking all that
much. We arent fighting, but it seems that we havent really
had time to get to together any more. Yeah we go to the
same school, but we have NO classes together and we sit at
different places in lunch. And we have made our new
different friends. I like my new friends, but I still miss
Tiff a WHOLE LOT! I am not so sure that I like her new
friend Lisa. I am not sure why but I just have this feeling
about her. Tiff and her get in fights quiet often and I dont
like it when they do cuz then tiff isnt in a very good mood.
I guess I am also a lil jelous of Lisa. I mean, Tiff spends
just about all of her spare time with her now, when it used
to be me. I feel that she has taken my place. And I dont
want to loose tiff. We have had alot of good time together
and I feel that I can tell her anything and everything, but
lately IDK, it just isnt the same. I guess part of the
reason why tiff and I havent been hanging out that much is
also partly my fault. You see, on Jan. 18 I got a boyfriend.
And I like him ALOT! My weekends, and some of my week days
are full of spending time with him. When they used to be
filled with her. My boyfriends name is CJ, and i
realllllyyyyyyy like him. He is such a great boyfreind, he
blows away all the other jerks i ever 'dated' if I would
even call it that. He is just so sweet, and cute, and ahh
there isn't one thing that I dont like about him. That is
other than his wonderful talent of getting grounded. Like
last night, we were susposed to do something but he got
grounded. and i didnt find out untill likek 7:30 that night
so by then it was too late to make plans with anyone. Ahh
that got me mad, I hadnt seen him for 3 days, (yes he doesnt
go to my school) and I wanted to do something with him
really bad. It wouldnt of mattered what, just as long as i
was able to spend time with him. When I am with him, he can
make watching TV fun. But any ways, later that night whilel
i was sulking around the house about what a bad day I had
had, he called and the first words out of his mouth were, I
am sorry. OOO when he says that it is impossible to be mad
at him, it is just something about him. Well we talked and I
sonn forgot about what a bad day i had, it is impossible for
me to have a bad day after talking to him, and since we talk
every day, I havent had any totally horrible days since we
started going out. Well I am getting tired of typing all
this and I bet you are tired of reading it all so i am gonna
go, maybe have some fun and do some homework! lol Well buh
bye and talk to ya later!