The Diary of Me
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2003-03-02 12:25:21 (UTC)

Random stuff

Well, here's stuff bout my second entry:
Well, like i said, i don't hate Katie. I kinda get upset at her bc
she treats me bad, like im not really v. important but ya know, ill
get over it...i hav m8s jus they're at habergham, id b happier there,
i think....
Well, am i a bad m8?
i must be b/c even tho i wanted 2 be domines m8 agen i did all them
mn stuff 2 her (i still hav her locker key hee he) but didn't she
deserve it?! Well, i dunno, i think im a bad m8, i say stupid stuff
i dont mn, and sumtimes stuff i do mn and upset ppl, grrrr, i can
neva do anytin rite....well i matchmaked for krissie, got her with
jamie...and i got nothin out of it....just feelin depressed bc i dont
hav a bf...what bugs me buot krissie is that she says guys never like
her, but she went out with Geoff, Jason, Ashley and now Jamie, and i
can't even remember the names of my bfs!!! God, it annoys me bc
she's so popular and stuff and she complains about being ugly...!!!
Well, thats entry 2.

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