The Diary of Me
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2003-03-02 11:51:59 (UTC)

A few months later...

Wow,things have changed a lot since like 2/3 months!
Amazing! Well, i've just red through everything so im
gonna go back 2 entry 1 and kindof
big word....on my entries:

Entry 1

Well, i had 9 problems, some of them have stayed problems, and some
are getting better:

1. My best mate turned against me, i felt jealous of her and Kt.
1. My best m8, i can't even think of her as my best m8 anymore,i
don't even know her anymore...Kt and her...i don't care...i int
jealous no more b/c i don't want dominie's friendship anymore...

2. Mum and dad problems.
2. Well, they get on much better, they takl on the phone and stuff.
I think my dad has finally grown up! Amazing, but kinda scary 2 cuz i
like my immature daddy best! oh well, things are kindof ok, i guess
money isnt 2 good but apart from that, yea, things are okay.

3. Skool stinks!
3. Skool still stinks, i h8 it soooo much, but i want to do well and

4. Little things going wrong, like my chin burn!
4. Little things still get me down, my chin is healed! but i try not
to let them get me down too much, but little things always seem big
things to me...oh well...i guess things are better.

5. Sisters!
5. Wow, nothing's changed here, not more than a minute ago Aimee and
Olivia were arguing and screaming at me, so wow, i guess i hate this
problem more than ever b/c this causes problems for mum and money
problems, wow weird, well i dont understand that so, yea nowts
changed unfortunately.

6. Tired and shy etc...
6. Well, i still get tired but im going to bed later at like 10.00
and...yea...i'm pretty proud of maself b/c im not as shy around
ppl...but it kinda depends on who im with...i love the ppl at FAST
(more bout dat l8r)and feel comfortable around them...but...yea and

7. Katie Guest
7. Well, i don't care bout her or dominie any more, i guess im
Katie's mate but i don't luv her to bits like my other mates bc she
doesn't seem to giv a damn for me so...things are ok now....i don't
care bout Dominie no more...

8. Wow, this is a problem i can't seem to get rid of, lol. i think
im kinda lookin better in a way but i still h8 the way i look...

9. A on keyboard
9. lol, thats pretty funny, yea the A is still a problem, wow, lol.

Well, phew, now we get onto the 10 things i want to happen, im only
on the first entry and i guess ive wrote loads already, wow:

1. blisters to bog off.
1. Yep, they've gone.

2. Mum to cheer up.
2. hmmm...i don't exactly no wat mum thinks but, i think she has...

3. Dad get house.
3. dad hasn't got his house yet, every house hes about to buy falls

4. Gr8 mates to come along.
4. i'm amazed but, yea, i hav some gr8 mates and i love them
soooooooo much.

5. gr8 b/f
5. Dream on Alyssa... i have a crush... on Gaz from fast.

6. To be able to go to the gym.
6. i'm not yet but i think my mums joinin one so me and krissie are
gonna go to it b/c it looks cool.

7. Confidence
7. A tiny ickle bit of confidence has come to me, i int 2 shy at FAST!

8. Gr8 figure, tan, life....etc
8. Nope, nope and hmmmmm. i ant got a gr8 life...its a ok one.

9. Do well in skool.
9. nope, im a failure

10. Contact lenses.
10. Well Dad's geting me them for my b-day hopefully!!!!!

So, wow all that writing is my first entry! i think ill write stuff
bout the 2nd entry in a new thingy! Okay, well byeeeee love ya!!!!
whoever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH!