Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-03-02 08:50:05 (UTC)

sunday night

what the fuck sunday has vanished again gotta hate that so
oh well

i have had a ok day i suppose have the standard hangover
foor of greasy chicken and chips with gravy as well as jam
doughnuts mmm

hate this nothing to do i hear sirens might go for a drive
find out whats goin on brb

right it was only adams computer game

i feel stupid now
so i bought coke coke is one of the five basic food groups

1 liquid this consists of coke and alcohol
2 caffiene this is nessacery
3 greasys basically chicken and chips with gravy
4 sugar anything a little kid turns hyper on
5 vegemite and cheese on toast what i eat when i have fuck
all money for the above

oh well i will write late tv shows good catch ya later