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2003-03-02 08:17:17 (UTC)

bar hopping and evil frogs?

i dont know where these titles come from...they just pop in
my head.

anyhow, some of these past journal entries issues have been
i talked to my mom and am not feeling so "alone" in the
world. i can kinda depend on her. and thats reassuring.

my bruising (from the slide down tim's stairs) isnt too
bad. granted my ass looks like someone tried to sodomize me
with a broom stick, but hey again, nothing is broken and i
was only in pain for a few days. altho my elbow and arm
hurt like a bitch.

slowly but surely, lots of things are starting to make more
sense in my head too. family, school, guys, the paper. ive
come to the conclusion that i had the right idea about oh
say...4 years ago. stay busy and not to much can bug ya.
but like i said, lots of things are coming together. so YAH
so that.

in other news, my friend danni wont be up this month
(goddamnit!) i was really looking forward to seeing her.
she brings out the weird in me (and vice versa).

also, tim and i have gotten *alot* of work done with the
paper. from scholarship crap to organizing a small banquet
for 88, we're on top of things. even if other people arent
(you know who you are!!!)

and tonight, the powwow went out to dinner at the
blackthorn (local irish type pub/restaurant). then over to
irelands own and shamrocks (noticing a theme? yes there are
lots of irish peeps where i live!) the evening was
interesting even tho lots of people kept slapping my flat
ass. oh well, i guess i got some play. even if it was from
a lesbian and my cousin. lol
ok im off now
(shut up i dont mean like that)