SuGaR RuSh
2003-03-02 06:34:36 (UTC)

lava lamps suck...

ya 2day SUCKED! i mite quit my job...ppl suck uh..i went 2
jds work..that was alrite i guess...then..the best fuckin
part of the layin in his bed watchin
a movie and matt n boop r on the floor watchin the
movie...and i move like over and his fuckin lava lamp falls
on my head it hurt so fuckin bad...i didnt know wat
happened cuz i dunno it hit my head...and im like cryin my
eyes out cuz i didnt know what happened and it hurt so
bad...and matt runs upstairs 2 get ice or sumthin and all i
hear is "this is better" or sumthin like that...and then
they put a bag of frozen veggies on my head LOL ya
so...2day totally licked balls...and i have a wonderful
huge ass bump on my head and my head kills and i dunno if i
have a concussion and i dun wanna go wake my mum up and skurred 2 go 2 sleep...uh i guess ill stay up 4 a
lil...god my head hurts and im so tired and hunrgy and i
wanna cry again......

bye loser