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2003-03-02 05:38:44 (UTC)


well yea lets see, I saw Bobby tanite again...I wanted to
beat his gurls ass cuz she kept starin at me... I asked 6
guys what they thought of her looks and they ALL said she
was ugly lolololol....lets see... my friend Andrew (who I
call my lil bro) almost got in a fight with these dudes ,
they was tryna jump him so a whole bunch of people had
Andrews back and the dudes didnt wanna fight him no
more...Emilys babys daddy is just an ass and needs to take
his whore of a self on somewhere...me n my dad keep
fightin , I seriously wish he could go to sleep and wake up
a fuckin week later cuz he pisses me off so fuckin bad its
not even funny!!.. lets see what else...i was about to
punch this oone dude in his face cuz he blew smoke in my
face, i was about to beat this one girls ass because i was
so pissed and she got smart with me, and my friend matt
said to her > hey dont be talkin to her like that because
she will seriosuly dig u your fuckin grave dont fuckin
look at her like that either because she will beat the shit
outta u