Answering in Lies
2003-03-02 05:19:44 (UTC)

First Entry.

Why, wont this be fun ^.^ Seeing as how I'm addicted
to the computer as many others are, might as well keep a
journal on here too. Yeah, it's corny. But a lot of things
We had a Winterguard competition today. Winterguard is
a sport that centers around movement and music. We
recieved 2 place at our first competition of this season.
Then it went to 5, and we got 4 tonight. Keep in mind, the
number of guards varries and so do the scores. Our score
has gotten better, even though the our placement has
switched around.
We have flaggies and dancers in our guard. Though I'm
a dancer, I do flag word too. Basically, we work wiht 6
foot polls and our bodies o.O
Ack, must find KGL...