I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-03-02 04:39:24 (UTC)


A bunch of people from work made plans to go out this
evening. We were supposed to show up around 9ish. I was
there about 9:15. Nobody was there. I waited. Andrew
finally showed up. And we waited some more. We eventually
decided that we were stood up and went and got food
together up the street. It was nice. Had a chat. Mostly
about nothing. Well, all about nothing. But that's life. I
still really like him, but I'm coming to terms with the
fact that I have no chance in hell. *sigh* Bah.

But I am glad that I am home. It's 11.30 (which is early
for me) and I am going to sleep soon. I didn't get much
sleep last night.

California is 13 days away and counting. I'm going to go
whale watching, and see the sea lions and go to Catalina
(I hope I hope I hope) and to Newport and Balboa Island
and Hollywood. Can't can't wait! Can 'ya tell I'm excited?

Okay. This tired girl is going to bed now. Sleep well.