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2003-03-02 04:31:46 (UTC)

Dangerous Satiation

Dangerous Satiation

Come with me on a journey
Into sexual dysfunction
Perversion , asphyxiation
Please take your seat. Are you ready ?

Plastic spread on the floor
A silken scarf tied to the door
Lit candles upside down
Showering their molten wax rain

Lowering , kneeling on knees
Loosely tying the silken scarf
Around my precious neck
Hands move , entangling in my hair

Slipping down to my neck
Across the silken scarf... exploring
Further down to my breasts
Fondling, pinching, squeezing the mounds

Hot wax splashes my skin
Finger tips traveling , circling down
Down , down, down my stomach
Searching , seeking the hair triangle

Leaning forward a bit
Causing the silken scarf to pull
Tighter across my precious throat
Finger slips into the damp slit

Drip , drip red wax splashes
Like warm blood drops along my flesh
Hitting , traveling pale skin
Such a sweet sweet painful pleasure

Finger slipping quicker
Across the growing pleasure bud
The slit gets wetter
Waiting entrance of the latex god

Pulling harder .. scarf tightens
Dildo slips into the wet hole
Wax dripping splash,splash,splash
Thrusting the latex god inside

Sweat beading along pale skin
Glistening like twinkling stars
Up in the midnight sky
Moans stifle to ragged breaths

Scarf pulled taunt to my neck
Thrusting,pumping in and out
Wax rain shower dripping fast
Life and death ..teetering between

Pain and pleasure ... ecstasy
Orgasm rages deep within
Mouth open .. body trembles
Plunging and holding the latex god

In my slick prison
Breath near to cease...ecstacy full force
Wax falls in broken streams
Lunging forward..POP..the knob slips

Scarf releases .. I fall
Grasping,panting ... trying to breathe
My skin soaked by sweat
Lying in orgasmic splendor

Wax continues dripping down
Running and flowing along my curves
Again I cheated death...
So , enjoy our little journey ?

~ Fire Poet ~
(WARNING: Do not attempt this alone.Bring a friend.Keep the
scissors close at hand ! )