This is my crappy life
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2003-03-02 04:04:21 (UTC)

New School

Yah I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I would
come and talk about my new school...well it sux...yeah i
found peopel I haven't seen or talked to since elemntary
skool and Middle skool...but thats besides the point...you
know how when you walk into a room and you know NO ONE and
you just sit there looking around like yeah I wish I knew
someone...well thats how I feel at Colonial...I do know a
lot of people but its just I don't talk to them...I only
talk to shantelle and half the tiem she is running around
with her friends which is kewl n all cause I don't expect
her to drop everyone for me...I wouldn't for anyone. But
hey my classes are good...I start at the end of the year n
only have to make up stuff in my English 3 class..which is
stupid cause the teacher gaveme like a million and 5 things
to do then she tells me I have to read this HUGE book and
do a book report on it by monday (March 3rd) YEAH RIGHT
read a 300 n sumthing book and do a book report on it in 3
days!! I don't think so! Yeah I have a life..I have a b/f
and concerts to go to that I am NOT gonna miss to do
HOMEWORK that wouldn't even be done anyway!! so screw that
crap!! OK yeah well the skool sux fights constantly and
its crappy...whatever

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