All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2003-03-02 04:03:35 (UTC)

spring break

sooooo i'm home and its boring. i stopped by my grandma's
last night. her memory is doing a lot better than last
time i saw her. i drove over to greening's apartment to
see if i could find toby. he was there, but everyone was
smoking up. i left shortly, went to bed, and didn't wake
up til 2 this afternoon. joy. i have pit band rehearsal
for oklahoma on monday. that worked out nicely that they
were doing that while i'm home. my aunt wants to take me
out to the movies on tuesday. i think thats all i've
officially got planned for the week. haha of course i need
to put something in here about jamie. so anyway, she's
supposed to come up with me on the 21st when i do the
musical at my old high school. i told my mom about it and
she says, "what are we doing with bedding arrangements?
are we talking separate beds?" you have to understand this
is incredibly weird, because my mom was serious. all of a
sudden, she's perfectly ok with me sleeping in a bed with a
girl in her house. this isn't going to happen, of course,
but i found it humorous. whoa, i'm going to church for the
first time in like 8 months tomorrow. even if my mom
doesn't go, i'll be there.