Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-03-02 03:55:15 (UTC)


Today I had to get up at fricken 7:30 for the band
festival. That turned out alright, I guess. Christin was
there! I am so glad she didn't have to stay in Marquette. I
couldn't go over there today tho. Oh well, we can do it
some other time. Omg I ate 3 pieces of pizza and a
breadstick and 2 cookies and I threw up afterwards. I
canNOT eat that much ever again. I'm waiting for summer to
come cuz I wanna wear my shorts and summer clothes. I wanna
go swimming REALLY bad too. Today is Mary's b-day. Tomorrow
is my dad's ex g/f's daughter, Mekenzie's, b-day and I
think my sister's but I'm not sure. I'm supposed to be w/
my dad this weekend but I'm "busy." Shhhh. Yeah, that's why
I'm on the net ya know. Hehe. I am so tired right now but
don't feel like sleeping cuz it's only 10:30. My b-day is
in 9 days. Lol, I'm trying to piss ppl off w/ that don't
worry. Nikole will be back Tuesday. Wow, I really need to
re-do my room. I'm getting too sick of it and it's getting I want it pink now. But my mom said I can't do
that unless I pay for it. Ugh. I talked to my friend Shawn
today. He's moving to Florida on guess what day out of all
days b-day. Oh well, I'm not mad. No acourse
not. Grr. Then in June he's going to war...Waaa!!! He's
going to die. I'm going to miss you! You know what I wanna
do...go to Mardi Gras. That would kick ass! Oh well tho, on
our senior year, all us are going on a cruise I think.
Well, unless I can do something better. I really don't
wanna go w/ a buncha preps but ya know it might be fun if I
find someone good to hang w/ there. Tonite/2marra I'm
planning on sleeping in. Doubt it tho cuz lately I haven't
been able to. My pants are still soaked from snowshoeing in
gym yesterday. I really want a kiss right now. Lol. I have
no clue where that one came from. I really didn't do much
today. Oh well tho. Aren't you NOT supposed to be at school
on a Saturday?? Well, they should make that a rule. I
didn't like that too well today. Okay, I have a really good
question...How can ppl think I'm so pretty?? I really don't
see it. Ouch my arm hurts. Thanx Kaelyn. Lol. I wish I had
a webcam. You wanna no why?? Cuz I want to show Bates what
I look like now. Damn, I miss her. I need to start doing my
crunches again so when summer comes along I'll have my
stomach back. Oh shit, I didn't tell Chris what I was going
to tell him on the fone tonite. Oh well, I'll tell him on
the net or something tomorrow if we catch eachother. It's
something about this summer. He's gonna laugh at me but
hey, that works. You know who I was really cracking up
today, Isaac. Wow, that was funny. Hey well I g2g cuz I'm
talking to him again so see ya later. ~Michelle~