^*^My Crazy Life^*^
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2003-03-02 01:47:00 (UTC)


latly my life has been verry messed up. i feel like no one
cares about me and no one wants me. my mom i making me
move out. i guess my brother-in-law is going to let me
move back in with him. my mom is made becouse i hade some
one forge her name on a note to school. whitch my brother-
in-law is saying my EX-girlfriend wrote. thats why she is
my EX. she told me that she dident want to be in the
middel of my problems. so she broke up with me.i know she
still cares about me becouse when i told her that i think
no one cares, she called me. she told me that there were a
lot of people that cared about me. but to me i guess it
seemed like she dident care becouse she broke up with me
when i needed her the most. this is like the 3rd or 4th
time we have broke up and im starting to wonder if we were
ment to be togeather. i love her more than anything but we
fight too much and we have so manny problems. i hope we
can work things ought becouse she is the one i truly love.
i have never felt this way about any of my other girl
friends. that is what is telling me that we should be
togeather. back to my mom. my mom is also mad becouse she
found out that i smoke now. even though i told her im
trying to quit she doesent understand that it is not as
easy as it sounds to quit. my dad si being an idiot. i
hate him so bad and i wish he would stay ought of my life.
the only thing he wants is monny that i suposivly owe him
and he just wants to make my life a living hell. i think
is he wasent merryed to my wicked step-mother he would be
totaly different. my brother-in-law sead if i dont listen
to his rules wile living at his house he was going to make
me move back to my dads. there is no way i would move back
to his houes. i would find some were to go. any were would
be better than his house. i havent slept much latly. all i
can think about is my x-girl friend. im so worryed that im
going to lose her for ever. even though she told me that
we were only going to be apart fore a wile. just till all
this crap with my brother-in-law and the stuff with the
school. i dont know. iv been told that i worry too much.
well thats all for today. im shure there will be much more
by tommarro. o i forgot today would have been 6 months
that me and my girlfriend have been togeather.

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