Thoughts and Feelings
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2003-03-02 01:36:22 (UTC)


I met the most amazing person last night. We ended up
talking online till 5AM, and we started talking at what
around 2:30AM. Wow, I've never talked that much to someone
or wanted to talk that much to someone I don't know. He's
incredible, he's a tattoo artist in Colorado. Why is he so
far away, after last night all I really want to do is meet
him. I've done nothing but talk about him all day. I know
thats really wierd. But its like no matter how tired I got
i didn't want to say goodnight to him--how incredible is
that. Its been a great day even if I am tired. I think I
might've had a day where I didn't think about Geoff (well
until right now) and even now its only to think about how I
didn't think about him. Wow