My life
2003-03-02 01:19:42 (UTC)

Day Two 2-29-03

Today was pretty bad. I realized just how screwed I am if
there is a fire in my room. My windows are barred. Not
like a prison cell, but worse (minus the anal rape also).
They are all criss crossed. Nothing can bash them open so
I might as well just boil in my own tears and piss.

I was supposed to goto John Ross' today but that fuck
stiffed me at the last second once again. I won't worry
though cause I'll get him back. Either welding his door's
deadbolt shut or poking holes in eggs and waiting a few
weeks to throw them at him. Ah, choices choices. So
instead of going to John's, I got off my fat lazy ass. I
went and raked the lawn. It started with a few harmless
bags but escalated to 10! Luckely I was paid for my doing
with $10. Putting me to $23 out of the $100 I need for my
guitar case. I'll have $33 once Kian pays me back. (Gah)


I just had to get that out of my system. While raking the
leaves I saw a moving truck in my (openly) gay neighbors
house. Will they leave? Who knows. Arg.

I watched a great movie today. Johnny Mnemonic.

mne-mon-ic /nimonik/ adj. of or designed to aid the memory

It's an old Keanau Reeves movie about life in 2020 where
there is this disease NAS (acronym, gah.) Half the world
is infected with it. Johnny has the cure stored in a
device in his head. It was given to him by the scientists
who created the disease. (They feel guilty) The most
dangerous people in the world are sent to retrieve the data
so that the company can say it never exsisted. Good times.

After that I made dinner for my rude family. They liked
it, so did I. (smug expression) Those were some good pork
chops. I am actually worried about my cat. (First sign of
turning emo)

e-mo /emoh/ adj & n. Emotional, turning into a pussy,
listening to Jimmy Eat World and Blink

I am still listening to hardcore though (go me)

Back to my cat. He has had fur falling out in clumps. I
suspect he got his ass wooped. He has been moaning all
day. Oh well, at least it's not me. I learned how shitty
CD-RW's are today. After spending $7 for 5 of them, I
learned that they don't play music on home or car sterios.
If anyone cares, I'm pissed. A highlight today was going
to office max and hearing Kokamo by the Beach Boys
playing. The bad thing though was the trip home. I had to
carry a 30 by 40 inch poster board home on a bike. Curse
the wind and all it's friends. I burned some Atreyu songs
to listen to. Waiting for tommorrow hoping to goto
Lissy's. (no it's not a song)

Feeling - Burnt out
Listening to - Atreyu
Points earned - (-1) :^(
Quote - "If your butt gets numb, you head gets dumb" - Mrs.
Lutton the Viking