Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-03-02 00:57:39 (UTC)

I'm so happy that today is over

Last night I worked until 11P and then had to be back at 7A
today. I splurged today and went a bought sushi for myself
for dinner. And now my kitty is being bad, but oh well. I
talked to my sister about my visit to Vegas when she's
going to meet me, yeah.... I can't to go... My only problem
with that, is I know my friend Michelle, friend from junior
high, she wants me to come visit her and even move to
Nashville. The only problem with that is she has an 8 year
old daughter and part of the reason she wants me to move
there is to help her raise her kid. I know that sounds
horrible that I don't want to help, but since I can't have
my own kids, isn't that kid of a slap in my face to help
her raise her kid.

Sorry, I feel like being a bitch right now, I've had NO
sleep and I am so ready to get some sleep but I do not want
to wake up at 4A, so I am trying to stay up a bit later.

NIght all.


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