Hopeless Thoughts
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2003-03-02 00:21:03 (UTC)

Boring Saturdays

hmm... I dunno where to start. This is my first entry into
this peice of crap, sOo it's not going to be
anything "special"...where to start. Okay I woke up really
early this morning, 'cause my brother was screaming sOo
loud that even my nieghbors could have heard! Well okays, I
really haven't made any plans for today... I wanted Lily to
come over but I doubt she could. It's 6:15 right now, and
I'm at home doing absolutely NOTHING! = I promised my mom
I was gunna babysit my little cousins today, plus I need
that extra cash ya know...kinda broke. Looking for a job.
SoO all day I did nothing, but phone phone phone with that
no good for nothing Bootie Lily =) jks girl! I Love You
sweethearts... We were suppse to go see a movie
todays, "Cradle 2 the Grave" but couldn't because she's
busy and I gotta babysit...(daym) and I was also suppose to
go with Tiffany toos. Guess not... Maybe tomorrow. Any
plans for tonight? Maybes...I might go downtown for the
mardi gras!!! =D *big ass smile* just for the fun of it...
hehes. Alright, I'm outs.. BYEE!!!
love forevers,