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2003-03-01 23:07:51 (UTC)

This is our Youth

Today I woke up around 7am, then stayed in bed until 7.45.
Then I went got ready and then went to work. Finished work
around 12pm, rushed home to print so CVs and prepared to go
uptown. As you may know me and Hayley were going to see This
is our Youth with the seasonal cast of Heather
Burns, "Freddy Prince Jnr" and "Chris Kline". In the past
they had other famous people including Hayden Christensen
and Matt Damon but we both wanted to see them both. It goes
on about Warren (Prince) who steals $15000 off his dad and
tries to hide from him crashing out at Dennis' (Kline)
House. The show was fantastic; tackling issues on sex,
love, death, drugs and money. It was funny, witty,
agressive, emotional and good night out.
Afterwards we went and had dinner and that was good. Then
we went to Oxford Street went to topshop to apply for a
job, hope i get it =. I shopped a bit there, bought some
new trousers and wicked top ^_^. We then went home and had
a really fun time, talked about the day and checking out
guys ^_^ jk. I recommend you all go see it, its very
entertaining and worth a look *COUGH*Freddy Prince
Jnr*COUGH. Laters all