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2003-03-01 22:58:37 (UTC)

bad memory

ok so most of u know i coach dance and drama, well today i
was a big mess. my dance team was supposed to dance at a
nursing home for all the older ppl, and i completely 4got.
i thought it was just another practice. at least it didn't
turn out to be a big deal. but it screwed up my whole
schedule. dance/drama practice it usually over by 1 so i
scheduled a meeting for 2, unfortunately by going to the
nursing home when wouldn't be leaving to go there until
about one. so i had to call everyone in the meeting and
tell them it has to be rescheduled. so now we got back
from dance(all the ppl loved it) and now i have to wait
around all day until these ppl show. i need to go to the
store and pick something up my baby Damian but i can't
leave my house cuz they might show up at any minute. not
the way i want to spend the rest of my day, o well, what
am i gonna do right. so last night, omgoodness, was great,
my band played at youth group then we were playing at a
frat party. went great. and everything that happened b4
the gigs and after were incredible. gotta go so i can get
to know my baby a lil more. song of the entry:"bring me to
life"- evanescence