My ONly desire
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2003-03-01 21:51:25 (UTC)

Let One Moment Fly

Dear Megan,
Ever get the feeling that you push words to hard,
push meanings farther than wut they should be. like love?
i dont think that its people taking the word to lightly i
think its me takign the word too seriously. Its like if
someone doesnt love me the way that love means to me then
they dont love me at all. its really weird.
For like 2 hours i've been looking up music
careers. im so obsessed with it but i dont care. im really
looking and searching. i found one site which i am looking
at and reading more into it. its really hard to describe
wut kind of site it is but if you ever want to go there go
ss.htm its a pretty awesome website with lots of
information. i would give ne thing to be in the music
career. everything is all fit into one peice with a type
of music. i was talkign to tiffany at the beginning of the
year about obsession with music, well people think that me
and tiff are just going in the music career for the money.
honestly i could give a shit about the money i just want
to go big and be know but if we get a dollar off of cd
thats ok. i just wnt to play music and known to be GREAT
not good. good is an abuses word. i tink that plaing music
is so much fun. wether its happy music or depressing
music, either type is ok with me! If u could, will u help
me find more sites to deal with music?
HAHAH me and johnny went down to the park today. It
was funny. he is such a pyro! we like burned platic and u
know all this stuff it was really funny. thenw e broke a
lightbulb. that was awesome. but shh it wasnt us. lol.
I talked to JT today. uhmm i dont know maybe it
was best that we broke up. it doesnt seem to me that we
really connected. i still wish we didnt, but i guess it
was for he best. damn!
Ok just the perfect moment me, dana, kitty, and tiffy are
all n a fight. perfect right? unmentioned why but somethign that dana
doesnt believe us on something and she's mad. i dont know im
confused!!! all world is really confusing. it makes no since1
I know i write a lot but im almost always on the
computer. just because its like something that i like to
do. i realy dont have a life except for talking to friends
online, and surfing the web for things i want its just
quikcer that way.
Ok well i got to go bye bye
Much Love

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