Randi Lynn

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2003-03-01 21:44:59 (UTC)

I took a nice, hot, long bath,..

I took a nice, hot, long bath, and then shaved my legs. I
smell soooo good. And I feel so clean - like i - usualy - do
when i get out of the shower or bath. I love baths more
though, its nice soaking in the hot, cucumber melon scented
water. The soap we have can also be used as bubble bath, for
nice, moisturized, cucumber-melon scented skin. But I also
smell like fresh scented flowers, because thats what my
shaing foam smells of. And "apple dapple" because thats the
scent of my colgne. And "Shower Fresh" because thats the
scent of my deodriant. And then my hair smells like my
shampoo. But my shoulder, neck, upperarm, forearm, and
finger musles still ache. But im nice and awake and my legs
are silky smooth. - 4:50 PM