my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-01 20:38:32 (UTC)

meow motha fucka

um yeah i was so fucking retarted last night. oh man i had
so much fun. it was like 2 and i layed down on the couch
at maria and i like passed out. it was mad funny. then we
had to bring " " home and i had to get up. i was so
fucking tired oh my god. and then we went home and went to
sleep it was about 3:30 when we got back. yeah then every
one in marias house was fighting about everything they
possably could. gerr then i fell back asleep until 12 then
the phone rang like a million times. and we got up and
went tanning and maria brought me home. i got in the
shower and did my hair. nowi am sitting here talking to
jay and rich. jay is like freaking at me cuz i dont know
the song he is talking about.gerr. fucking bitch. haha jm.
rich is tellin me he loves me and yeah. so yeah i gotta go
get ready i am going out with my mom in a litte while. so
talk to yall later.
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