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2003-03-01 19:33:02 (UTC)

Day One 2-28-03

Today was pretty fast paced. School felt like nothing for
a change. Just some idle threats from the librarians at
lunch. The joyful National French Contest was today. We
had the priviledge of having a viking for a teacher in that
class. Damn substitutes. Omid was christmas treeing the
exam as usual. He even put in a nice touch on it by
bubbling in his name as Osama Bin Laden. Taking the exam
wasn't that bad, it was the studying of it that was. We
got to study the ones from 1996-2002. On one of the years
testes, oops, tests, a student only missed one problem.
Taking this ONE flaw of a previous student, she made us
drill it. It wasn't just drilling, it was LIVING. She
made us LIVE that problem. "J'aime les frites". That one
sentence, to me, is an eternity. There was a good side to
the exam. I got to miss LA class with Mrs. Skipper. Is it
me, or do all LA teachers have the little accented chick
marks? Its like a line from their chin to their nose. The
only thing I've learned from that class is the danger of
abusing acronyms.

ac-ro-nym /akrenim/ adj. a word, usu. pronounced as such,
formed from the initial letters of other words. Ex. NATO

They are very dangerous weapons. SEES W/T, FEARS, PIES,
ADD & HISE. My nightmares. They will haunt me whenever I
write. Even now the abstract phrases are attacking my
brain tubes. GAH! One of the many grunts you can force
out when your bombarded by stupidity. Later on in the day,
me and AJ decided to get Drew to make fun of Roberts and
his non-exsistent father. Luckely, we stuck a goldmine. In
case you were wondering, I am one of those kids who feeds
off of sorrow. If you are offended, then don't read
anymore. And then tell me that you are offended so I can
laugh at you. Thank you. Anyway, we are going to get them
to fight. Hopefully AJ can find a tape to use to record
the fight. Roberts pulls hair like a teenage black girl.

(Not racist, just an observation)

I am rooting for niether of them because they are both the
epitome of stupid.

e-pit-o-me /ipitemee/ m. a person or thing embodying a
quality, class, etc. A thing representing another in

-----NEWS BREAK Chip (Charles) sounds just like the old
Misfits singer!!!-----

I was very lucky in Mrs. Munoz's class today. I haven't
seen my social studies book for months and I decided to
create the illusion of theft. I told her I thought that I
left it in her classroom and sure enough, it was!! This is
both good and bad. The good thing is I don't have to pay
for it. The bad is that I now have to take it home. (I'm
a lazy kid)
On the bus home, the mullitor bus driver (Kentucky
Waterfall) gave this annoying girl (listens to obsene music)
a refferal. It was very funny to see her actually SHAKING
with sorrow. That made me feel better about my self.

Feeling - Tired
Listing to - The Misfits & Atreyu
Self esteem points earned - 7!!
Quote of the day - "Meow sir" - Supertroopers

- Jared

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