2003-03-01 18:25:47 (UTC)

Epilepsy time.

Day 73. Saturday March 1st. I wake up in the morning. Check
the clock 9:30. I should get up and get ready or I'll be
late for freestreet. The next thing I remember I'm laying
down in my bed again with the left of my forehead with a
bruise. My tongue bitten, and my back in desperate need of
straightening out. Not to mention the heavy weakness.

Dad said I was going to the bathroom, but I came back and
just collapsed. There are some blood stains under my
pillow. Not much. I also have a soft ebony pencil drawing
of something resembaling me above my bed. It's in such a
place that if I sit up on my bed, my head replaces the
picture. The pencil streaked down the wall, tracing some of
my fall. I'm surprised I remember anything at all. Usually
I don't remember much at all.

Bright side is that once I get back on the pills and be on
them for a while I'll prabobly be able to drive. I'm much
better now. Ate some cereal, threw up after it, had some
mint green tea. Much stronger now. Bad thing: I had to call
in freestreet and tell them I won't be able to come.
Hopefully I'll be myself by Monday's rehearsal.