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2003-03-01 16:42:37 (UTC)


OMG hell must have frozen over cuz I have a prom date.
Brandon set me up w/ Adam Reichental. He's from her old
high school. LOL I went to the Faculty Recital Thursday
night and he IMed me. I freaked out like all hell!!!! We
started talking online and thought that's all that was
gonna happen. Then he asked for my number--being the
dumbshit that I am I just gave it to him w/o considering
that he might call me right there. And that's what he did.
I freaked out. But he was sooooo sweet over the phone and
I can't help but have a good opinion of him so far. I
couldn't stop smiling all day yesterday or Thursday night.
I'm afraid that he'll be disappointed when we finally
meet...ugh...i don't want to think of that just yet. We
have a lot in common, which is surprising. Normally I
don't find guys that are like me...It's a nice change
though. The thing that got me was when he said someting
that made me say 'You're shittin' me right?' and he
responded 'I shit you not.' I flipped out. Lauren prolly
thinks I'm crazy but it's not the first time. Everytime I
ask someone that they're always boring and just say 'No.'
He is one of the few ppl who can make me laugh like a
frickin' idiot on the phone, even though we've just met
(kinda) and talked on the phone w/ each other once.

SnoWBlaDE68: NP im glad to help and remember id take u if
i knew u b4 hand anyway
SnoWBlaDE68: and im glad to have made ur week u definately
made mine as well

He's sooo sweet!!!! I think I'm blowing this way out of
proportion...I mean....some ppl prolly think that we're
going out or something not just blind prom dates. And yet
I'm still worried about disappointing him when we finally
meet. Lindsey and Brandon tell me that I look like hes ex-
gf. I don't know if that's good or bad but oh well.


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