ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2003-03-01 16:30:51 (UTC)



Papa loves mambo! (Doo doot doo doo doot!!)
I just can't WAIT to be king!
You're a HOOKER! I wish I could calm down all around town
like you....
swedish fish *my personal favorite*
DOLCE!!!! (hehe Margaret)
My feet feel exfoliated!!
I'm so glad I took a shower this morning! *sees hot next
door neighbor* Hi!! --Margaret
Jennifer's a coconut!
Abby and her lady plugs....HAAAAAA!!!! I love you Abbay!!
He kicked Sean's AAASSSS *rolls eyes, raises eyebrows,
smirks* (ELIJAH WOOD) --you know you liked that Abby!
We are the pirates who don't do anything!
Take me back to Constantinople, No you can't go back to
Scaring guys in red Mustangs (whoops--but it was fun!)
I wanna daaaaaaance...

I hope I didn't leave anything out.... :)