The void
2003-03-01 15:46:21 (UTC)

motherf***ing tiredness

aarrgghhhhh. skye was rushed into hospital on thursday
morning because she collapsed and passed out.she had blood
poisioning and i only found out on friday morning! iv'e
been at the hospital ever since, just sitting with her,
talking to her and generally trying to cheer her up.she was
so miserable in that hospital bed when i first got there.we
took her some magazines and some (traditional) grapes. then
i had to go to college and get joe. he was so angry that no
one had told him.we went straight to bexleyheath to get her
a get well soon ballon from the party shop, then to his
house, then to the hospital. i was there until 7. joe was
there until 9.turns out she had a bladder infection that
she didn't know she got worse and worse as time went
on and it eventually poisioned her. she also has lack of
iron in her body meaning she's anemic. hopefully she's ok
now though. me and james took her home today. because she
didn't want her mum near her. (as she's been no help whatso
ever).it's her birthday tomorrow as well. nice huh? just
come out of hospital the day before your 17th birthday!
well, she's going to be too tired to party so we have
postponed it until next friday. little does she know, we
have booked a table at frankie and bennys for 10 people so
we can all celebrate with her. joe's buying her a kitten if
he can get one in time (such a lovely thought!)
so...i went to bexleyheath on my own today to get the
remainder of skyes presents. was a bit boring but hey ho.
someones written a load of horrid stuff on ebay about
maz.if i ever find out who it is i'll fuckin kill
them.immature, sick bastard.
i feel sorry for her the poor cow, she's had to delete her
screen names!well i will keep you posted my precious diary
on anything that should happen. (eg me finding out who the
fucker is and kicking their sorry ass) :)