malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-03-01 10:16:20 (UTC)

today i'm...

today i'm 413 (years old)... kind of anceint but not really
i guess... but that's just me. sometimes i feel out of
place, like i'm not quite sure why i'm there. funny huh? i
guess we all feel like that sometimes, maybe not. oh, well,
i went to visit gravesites today, in hollywood and
westwood. i left dimes all over the place, perhaps they'll
drop me a line, ahh, divine intervention, if only... while
i was in hollywood, i went to the farmers market and i was
with my cousin, we met this old man who was pretty hunched
over and he kind of waddled, and she said, something along
the lines of "ohh, how sweet he is..". it's not that it
annoyed me but it got me to thinking, men like him were
once very strong, noble (you know), men who have done more
in their lifetimes than some of the "gangstas",
or "ballers" or even the ignorant fops i go to school with,
could ever hope to accomplish in ten years. and each of
them has about a billion stories worth listening to and all
people do is pass them by... and it makes me sad...
sometimes i feel like i'm not from my generation at all...
i find it hard to relate to people my age. i feel as though
i've already lived lives gone past and by...

-tragic ophelia