The Life of me
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2003-03-01 08:25:05 (UTC)

A very sad day.....

On Feburary 29,2000..leap year my grandfather passed away.
So yesterday was Feburary 28 and it makes him gone for 3
years and I miss "papa" soooo much. I wished I could tell
him that I Love him once more and let him hold Brandon
again and hold Zachary for a first time. i know papa is up
above looking down and proctecting us. I love U Papa
R*I*P~ Feburary 5,19??-Feburary 29,2000
Gone but never forgotten.

April 22,2001

This is the day we didnt know if my mom was gonna make it,
she had a heartattack and was only 45; she had to be
airlifted and she had to stay in the hospital like 5
days,but were very lucky..she had no damage done to her
heart or any blockage and what caused it was her muscles
around her heart went in to a cramp causing it and theres
nothing that can be done to prevent them from happening and
that is scary.

April 29,2001

My friend Adam Christopher Elliott committed sucidie by
hanging himself. i hadnt seen a obit or paper articles so i
didnt have my closure that he was actually "gone"...untill
December 27-02 i finally had the courage to go find his
grave and god it was soooo hard to be standing there
reading his head stone with my own eyes and still not
wanting to beleive it was true. he was sooo cute and sweet
and he was sooo good with my son,Brandon! He wanted to go
out with me but i never would cause he was 9 months younger
than me...damn i was so stupid. he was about 6 ft
tall...blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes!

R*I*P November 8,1980~April 29,2001
Gone but not forgoten