Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-03-01 08:09:51 (UTC)

The Path Least Traveled

Well it is Friday night. Another week has passed us by.
The highlight of my week was doing good on all 3 of my
tests. I syudied hard, worked hard, and I feel good about
that I have done. Other than that, not much else is going
on. I am having some financial woes, but it's nothing a
couple extra nights of working shouldn't cure.

Well the plan for this weekend is to get a nice chunk of
homework done. I am going to work Saturday night from 8
until close to get some extra cash. Of course, on Sunday I
will work the typical 4-close.

Lately, I seem to be pissing off my friends. I do it by
being honest and telling how I feel about things. Maybe I
say things too bluntly. Maybe they don't understand where
I am coming from. I don't really know but I makes me
wonder if I am doing something wrong unintentionally.

In the past few weeks, I have been listening to a lot of
more mellow music. I think it is somewhat because I am
beginning to realize a lot about myself and how different I
am from the "normal crowd". I don't think it's anything
bad, but I am just realizing my core qualities and how they
effect the person that I have become. The music just helps
me recognize these characteristics and inspires me to be
the best that the world has ever seen.

Maybe another reason for the softer music is my stress
level. It's not too high, but it's high enough to where I
can feel the effects of it. I just hope that I can contain
the stresss until Spring Break. If I can make it until
then, I believe that I will be just fine.

It seems more and more that I am a loner in this world. I
have my friends and all, but so many things that I tend to
do I do it different from the norm. For example, I see
college as possibly my only shot to make something
significant of myself while most seem to see it as school
with less classroom time and more parties with excessive
alcohol, drugs, and sexual oppurtunity. I think a lot of
people lack the depth and insight that I posess and it
makes it difficult for me to find people to relate with and
people who understand what I represent. I definitely
follow a different mold of lifestyle, and I love every
second of it.

Well I believe that I have writeen all that I am going to
write for now. Hope you enjoyed my insight and this will
hopefully be updated again in the next few days.